Bus Rules

  1. Students who take the school bus must respect and obey all rules as indicated to them by the bus driver and bus safety lessons.
  2. No bus transfers or changes are allowed unless authorized through the School Board’s Transportation Department.
  3. If an emergency arises, your child may be transported home at any time of the day. It is essential that you set up an emergency plan with your child, and ensure that your child is aware of the plan.
  4. If buses are rerouted during the morning run, your child will be returned to his/her pick-up point.

 If the students are sent home early, your child will be sent to his/her regular drop-off point. Walkers will be sent home once the bus comes back to school.


Courteous and respectful behavior is mandatory on the bus. Loud, noisy conversation (screaming and yelling), changing of seats, disrespect to bus drivers and pupil occupants will not be tolerated.

  1. Students must remain seated when the bus is moving.
  2. Littering from school bus will not be tolerated.
  3. There will be no profane language, throwing of any objects, quarreling or improper conduct on a school bus.
  4. If there is a student violation, the driver will report the name of the individual involved to the School Principal.


  • Students must be picked up by parents unless they have a note stating otherwise.
  • Students must be picked up on time.
  • If attending an after-school activity, students must be picked up promptly at the time designated by administration.
  • If a student is dismissed during school hours, the parent or guardian must come to the office and sign out the child.


Please inform the School Office of a change of address or telephone number or any documents.

  1. Emergencies leave.
  2.   Please keep in mind that bus changes are not permitted.