Students are expected to be at school at 7:30 on time  every school day. (See Daily Schedule).

Late arrivals are very disruptive, so please arrive on time.

If your child will be absent from school, please call Administration no later than 9:00 am. For safety reasons, the supervisor will call the parents when a child is absent and parents have not reported it.

On his/her return to school, the student must present a note to the homeroom teacher. Parents' phone call may be acceptable.

The school generally recognizes the following excusing causes for school absence:

  • The sickness of the student or of a member of the immediate family when contagion is a factor, verified by a note from a parent, guardian or doctor.
  • Urgent issues of the family.


(Kindergarten classes are dismissed at 12:45 pm. All Grades 1 – 9 classes are dismissed at 2:15 p.m.).


For the safety and protection of each child, a parent/guardian must send a written request to the school administration in advance for his/her child's early dismissal. The school administration may release a student only to a parent or authorized person who must come to the office of the school for the child. Parents are asked NOT to go to the classroom. A student who becomes ill and needs to go home should check out through school clinic and the office. Leaving school grounds without permission is not permitted. Routine medical or dental care, shopping trips and similar activities are not just causing to miss school. Because of the difficulty of securing appointments with medical and dental specialists, these appointments will be honored by submitting a written request signed by a parent or guardian on the day of the requested dismissal.

Approval for extended absences for reasons other than illness or family emergency should be requested in advance from the Principal. Absences from school for travel on other than school holidays are strongly discouraged due to their effect on a student's school progress. Since learning takes place in the classroom every day and the activities of each day build for the next, it is usually not possible to provide in advance the work that would be missed during an extended absence. Parents are asked to arrange their travel schedules to ensure continuity and maximum educational growth for their child. We hope you understand that our concern for the progress of each student is the reason for this request.

Students with excessive absences or tardiness will receive a warning letter from the principal. Please note that unless we have written or telephoned information from you as the parent, we will not release the child to an alternative person. Please make sure to notify the school administration or office in advance.

Arrangements to obtain missed class assignments must be made by parents directly to the school administration or the academic principa

 School Uniform:


  • Parents are expected to help enforce the regulations concerning the dress code.
  • All students should be in full uniform each day.
  • A student must present a written note if, for some reasons, he/she cannot wear his/her uniform.
  • School provides students with required uniforms. Extra uniform should be purchased from school
  • When students are not in school uniform, appropriate dress is required: flip-flops or sandals, tank tops or muscle shirts, midriff or low cut tops and short skirts are not permitted. Parents will be called to bring in their child's school uniform if a student is inappropriately dressed. The student will not be allowed to attend classes.
  • Make-up, nail polish, and dangling earrings are NOT permitted.
  • Boys' haircuts should not exceed collar length.
  • All uniforms, blouses, and shirts should be clean at all times. T-shirts with inappropriate sayings, tank tops, off the shoulder shirts or sweatshirts, torn jeans, overalls or painter pants, tight or short shorts and spandex are not to be worn to school or to school functions.
  • In order to minimize loss, all items should be clearly marked with the student's name.
  • It is expected that the following attire will be worn at school and at all school -related events.  Failure to comply will result in the student being dismissed from class or the school event until suitable attire is obtained.
  • Polo shirts (button type, knit, with collar and sleeves) in solid colors as chosen by the school administration. Shirts must be loose fitting, and of appropriate size for the student to prevent the midriff from showing.   If a student is cold, he/she may wear the jacket decided by the school, other clothing over the polo shirt is not permitted.
  • Safari-type or walking shorts (not skin-hugging), long pants, skirts or split skirts other than the school uniform is not permitted. Jeans are not permitted either. Leggings, “bicycle-type” shorts or mini-skirts are not permitted as normal school attire.